In 2011 Flight 001 employees are traveling to…

Belize, Dominican Republic, England, Germany, Greece, Italy,  Japan, Panama, and Sweden. What countries are you traveling to this year?

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  1. kendragardner answered: anywhere i hope… if i’m lucky
  2. slouchingtowardsbeirut answered: Lebanon. Turkey. Syria. France. Spain. Morocco. Hopefully England and hopefully Costa Rica. At least dreams are free if it doesn’t work! xoxo
  3. taart answered: Spain, London and Nicaragua
  4. anthperri answered: Japan, Malaysia, Canada…
  5. alyssalynn answered: Poland, Norway, and Turkey!
  6. 613- answered: Philippines^^
  7. katiebat answered: netherlands, france, spain, germany, czech republic, austria, switzerland, belgium, italty summer backpacking!
  8. farkmepumps answered: Madagascar!
  9. frenchnavyy answered: Norway
  10. kaposisarcoma answered: Sweden is awesome dude (only the south though)
  11. windjammerstomorrow answered: London, maybe Berlin and Amsterdam. Also Pennsylvania.
  12. 98123415 answered: England (hopefully), Palestine & Israel
  13. raineman answered: Turkey and Czech Republic!
  14. mi-otke answered: Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Tanzania, England
  15. zacharyb answered: Greece, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, England
  16. rev66 answered: Australia
  17. dailywanderings answered: Jamaica, Indo, Costa Rica
  18. ethereal-gold answered: I’m going to china. :-)
  19. bryanjvolz answered: Germany
  20. theclumsiestgirlintheworld answered: Tanzania, maybe England and USA
  21. senvict answered: Taiwan.
  22. mendyarrizani answered: I wish I could go to italy….LOL :)
  23. hellopoprocks answered: germany!
  24. lulobyte answered: Not sure yet, but maybe to Spain and Greece…
  25. allthatiluv answered: South Africa!!!!
  26. ggumption answered: hopefully somewhere warm.
  27. julytn answered: California, USA!
  28. observantnomad answered: Peru and Bolivia
  29. lb7076gw answered: Macedonia, Italy, Turkey
  30. heydamian answered: mexico
  31. brittanicus answered: Italy!
  32. musiu answered: Belize
  33. overcat answered: Romania and Bulgaria
  34. urnn answered: Mexico, France, Spain, Netherlands, maybe Singapore
  35. sunfeet22 answered: England and Italy!
  36. kadie-lasiter answered: staying in the united states
  37. ceeayetee answered: Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia
  38. esynoa answered: Dominican Republic, maybe Puerto Rico
  39. isthisphallic answered: COSTA RICA!!!!
  40. lovelou answered: Philippines, Mexico, Dominican Republic
  41. diannarodriguez answered: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and El Salvador
  42. kaelenkl answered: Hopefully India!
  43. marsstillmine answered: ITALIA
  44. vegetarianramen answered: Morocco, Spain, United States
  45. 5o3 answered: Dominican Republic